In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation to establish National Good Neighbor Day and a resolution was later passed by the Senate. Celebrated across the United States on September 28, National Good Neighbor Day is an opportunity to spread neighborly love and kindness right where you live.

The Hopeful Neighborhood Project invites you to join us in celebrating next week!

Here are a few simple ways to get involved:

  1. Head over to the National Good Neighbor Day website and add yourself to the “Good Neighbor” map. It’s great to see everyday neighbors from all over the country join the fun.
  2. Visit our Good Neighbor Day page to download images for social sharing and “Start with Hello” postcards to deliver to your neighbors. This is a great way to break the ice and begin a conversation with folks in your neighborhood.
  3. Celebrate with an act of neighboring. You can keep it simple by sharing cut flowers from your garden or picking up trash with a neighbor. If big effort is more your style, consider hosting an event like a happy hour or an informal front yard BBQ for your neighbors.
  4. If you live in Missouri, head over to Missouri Good Neighbor Week to join our collaborative effort to register 10,000 acts of neighboring. You can also nominate a neighbor who is particularly engaged in your neighborhood!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, we’re confident that every small act of good neighboring contributes to stronger, more hopeful neighborhoods. How will you celebrate?