We had so much fun this past week at our Valentine’s Workshop making watercolor valentine cards together and talking about how you all show love in your neighborhoods. Our Love Your Neighborhood Workshops are designed to help spread neighborly love and kindness right where you live.

One of our participants and her daughters worked together to make some beautiful valentines and hand delivered them to their neighbors. They reminded us that you can help build a better community no matter what age.

David Burton went one step further and shared this activity with his community on a local news station. You can use the tools we shared from this event to continue to inspire other members of your own community.

Check out the interview here.

Another of our participants summed up a lesson learned from this event saying, “It was good encouragement to reach out to our neighbors when life gets busy.” Sometimes a small act of neighborly kindness, like receiving a handmade valentine, can go a long way for both you and others in your community.

The Hopeful Neighborhood Project recognizes we are all gifts with gifts to share. Sharing a kind, personalized note with a neighbor is just one of the many creative ways to help foster a more hopeful neighborhood.

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