We equip and inspire everyday neighbors to pursue the common good, right where they live.

Our principals and tools are inspired by the theories of Asset-based Community Development and the belief that everyone is a gift, with gifts to share.

We want to help you build a neighborhood based on what is strong, not what is wrong.

We want to do this with you, not for you by using the gifts within your neighborhood instead of outside people or resources.

We want to celebrate your neighborhood’s uniqueness and walk with you as you imagine the possibilities to increase the well-being of your neighborhood.

With HNP’s tools and resources you can engage your neighbors no matter if you are new to your neighborhood, newly interested in engaging with your neighbors, or have been engaged in your neighborhood for many years.

Celebrating Neighboring Holidays

National Good Neighbor Day is celebrated on September 28th each year. Celebrating this holiday, and other neighboring holidays, is a wonderful way to meet new neighbors and engage with those you know. We provided resources and ideas to help you use neighboring holiday’s to celebrate your neighbors. 


If you already have a group of neighbors who are connected together and would like to do something in your neighborhood using Asset-Based Community Development Principals, then our Neighborhood Labs are a tool you can use. Labs varying in structure and content but all labs are designed to leave your neighborhood with a plan for improving neighborhood well-being at the end of our time together.


The Hopeful Neighborhood Process is a three-step method to engage neighbors in improving their neighborhood well-being. In the courses you will learn how to discover the gifts in your neighborhood and then link those gifts together to imagine ways they could be used to improve the well-being of your neighborhood. Finally, there is a course to help you take the possibilities you imagined and build a plan to pursue the common good with your neighbors.


Neighborhood Project coaches exist to support you in any way you need. Coaches are cheerleaders, accountability partners, thought partners, and much more. As you engage your neighbors’ coaches are here to help.

Since 2021, we’ve helped neighbors like you imagine new possibilities and build the neighborhoods they've hoped for.

Here's how to get started:

1. Get your starter kit.

In this kit you’ll receive a Neighborhood Journal, gain access to free online courses, be paired with a Neighborhood Coach, and routinely be sent relevant resources to help you as you engage your neighbors and build a better neighborhood.

2. Engage your neighbors.

There’s not a neighborhood without neighbors and unfortunately, we know our neighbors less today than at any other point in our history. We help you engage your neighbors...

3. Build a more Hopeful Neighborhood.

With your new tools, you and your neighbors will have everything you need to create the thriving, hopeful neighborhood you’ve always wanted.

A neighborhood without neighbors is just a collection of houses.

We help you turn individual houses into hopeful homes.