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National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day is September 28. Celebrate your neighbors and your neighborhood. Start by saying hello, doing special acts of neighboring or hosting a community event. A hopeful neighborhood is one where neighbors value and celebrate the unique people and places in their neighborhood and National Good Neighbor is a good way to start.


National Good Neighbor Day is September 28th. We invite you to celebrate! There are multiple ways you can get involved. You can start with Hello, and register your pledge at You can share the Library Resource Kit with your local library and touch your whole community. Or, if you are in Missouri, you can participate in Missouri Good Neighbor Week. There are many gifts in your neighborhood and National Good Neighbor Day is a great day to celebrate the people and neighbor gifts, right where you live! 

Be sure to share your acts of kindness on social media and tag @hopefulneighborhood with the hashtags: #startwithhello #ilovemyneighborhood #goodneighborday


We've made it easy to spread the word in your neighborhood!  Download the files and graphics below to share National Good Neighbor Day in your community.

hnp-good neighbor day-social3.jpg
hnp-good neighbor day-social.jpg
hnp-good neighbor-day-infographic.png
good-neighbor-day-coloring (Small).jpg
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