When Making a Difference Requires a Little Cash

Updated: Feb 10

There are many times when making a difference in your neighborhood only requires a little time and a little effort. Elbow grease, helping hands, and goodwill really do go a long way.

But there are times when a group of neighbors come together to pursue the common good of their neighborhood and the plan they come up with requires some funding. What do you do when that is the case? What are some different methods you can explore to fund your neighborhood project?

Before looking for funds, make sure you have a concise project plan and a detailed budget ready so that you know exactly what you need. Once you have that, here are some possible avenues to pursue:

  • Elected Officials. Oftentimes, local elected officials will have a budget to help fund local projects. Find your representatives and reach out. Let them know the basics of your project and ask for what you need. This is more likely to succeed if you’ve taken the time to get to know your local government and have already built some credibility.