In Search of my Neighborhood

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

My participation in The Hopeful Neighborhood Project has forced me to confront a fascinating reality in my life: I’m not sure what exactly counts as “my neighborhood.”

Don’t get me wrong – I know where I live! I’ve lived in the same home for 11 years now and have no problem finding my home. But my involvement in this neighborhood project has made me puzzle over what exactly counts as my neighborhood. Perhaps this is a puzzle particular to my locale: I live in a swath of suburban subdivisions west of St. Louis.

Out here in the suburbs the distinctions between different municipalities get blurry and the commuter nature of life further complicates matters. Technically, I live in Manchester, work in St. Louis, go to church in Chesterfield, have kids in school in Ballwin. I buy groceries in Town & Country, get gas in Creve Coeur, and go to the movies in Des Peres. (Lots of French names here in St. Louis!)