Live Interrupted 

It was finally here: our family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We had been planning for weeks and packing for days. We had a stockpile of educational books for the kids about the native tribes in the area and we spent the morning making homemade snacks for the long road trip. The kids were so excited. We were scheduled to leave after my husband got off work. 

We spent the afternoon loading up the car and were ten minutes away from “go time.” As I came out with one of our last loads, I saw my neighbor Ivy—Poison Ivy as she likes to be called—coming up the sidewalk. When I waved ‘hello’ she came right up to me and gave me a big hug. She held on tight and I squeezed her right back. 

I met Ivy years ago when she was walking past the community garden next to my house. It was a new garden then with young plants and little intentional des