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The Hopeful Neighborhood

"The Hopeful Neighborhood is a critical read for anyone desiring to rebuild the social fabric of our communities. Change won’t come from institutional leaders, but from those on the street wiling to do the hard work of listening, honoring our commonalities, and advancing good."

– Gabe Lyons, president of Q Media


What Happens When Christians Pursue the Common Good


By Don Everts

The Hopeful Neighborhood Process

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An excerpt from The Hopeful Neighborhood

“Then something unexpected happened.  We began to disengage from our neighborhood. This wasn't a purposeful or quick thing. It's just that slowly, over time, we became more absorbed in our church and our jobs and our kids' activities, which increasingly had little or nothing to do with Pierremont. I didn't know it at the time or even have the language to describe it, but Wendy, our kids, and I were increasingly “living above place” -- living our lives relatively detached from the place and people right around our home.  

It turns out this is an increasingly common experience. But it took a cross-country trip and a great novel to help me realize it was happening with us, and to begin to wonder whether I was OK with that.”  

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