The Hopeful Neighborhood Process 

The Hopeful Neighborhood Field Guide is the perfect place to start if you are interested in using the Hopeful Neighborhood Process in your neighborhood. The field guide releases March 1, 2021.​


Discover the Gifts

Your first step towards a more

hopeful neighborhood is to

discover the many gifts all

around you.


Our EveryGift Inventory and neighborhood gift assessments 
will help you and your neighbors uncover your neighborhood’s
many gifts.

Imagine the Possibilities

Next, imagine how the gifts in your neighborhood could be used for positive change.


Our Well-being Window and brainstorming activities will help you and your neighbors explore exciting possibilities.

Pursue the Common Good

Your final step is to craft a plan to collectively pursue the common good in your neighborhood.

Our easy to use planning tools and supportive Hopeful Neighborhood Network will help you and your neighbors lay out a real, hopeful path forward.

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