You’re Not Who I Want You To Be … You’re So Much More!

Judging people too quickly is a common mistake for many. We’re certainly no different. Here’s an example. When we moved into our neighborhood fourteen years ago, we immediately knew something strange was going on at the yellow apartments across from us. County vehicles would often visit, new faces regularly emerged, and apartment residents would—twice a day—form a line outside of the adjacent blue house. Over time, we discovered that the family in the blue house owned these yellow apartments. They operated them as a housing option for people who were mentally ill but capable of living somewhat independently. Ugh. Our disappointment was palpable. These people were not who we wanted as our neighbors. Does this make us NIMBY’s?! (NIMBY is an acronym for “not in my backyard,” which is certainly how we felt.)

We had to confront our own judgmentalism. We knew that if we held onto our disappointment it would poison us. After putting a lot of thought into it, we decided to fight this disappointment with hope. We d