Pulling Together in Tragedy

Updated: Feb 15

It was a gray and rainy Sunday. Our three young children were taking their afternoon nap while my husband and I watched a movie. We didn’t see it coming—all of a sudden, the wind came up and branches were coming in through the windows. The lights flickered late in a warning. We jumped off the couch to grab our kids from their beds and crib. We carried our half-asleep children down into the basement which was dark from the power outage. And just as fast as the storm had come, it was gone.

We came upstairs thirty minutes later to witness rain pouring in through all the broken windows. Damage lingered to reveal what we had missed in the darkness of the basement. Branches, debris, and glass covered every surface. In that moment we realized that we had experienced our first tornado. I remember looking at my husband and then at the destruction around us and thinking, “What do we do now?”