Of Nomads and Neighborhoods

Updated: Feb 26

My involvement in The Hopeful Neighborhood Project has me gotten me, not surprisingly, in lots of conversations about neighborhoods. As I reflect on my own life story I feel that I am simultaneously the last person who should be having these conversations and that maybe my own story qualifies me in unique ways to do just that.

On the one hand, I don’t have deep roots in any neighborhood. I’ve lived a relatively nomadic life: living in eleven different neighborhoods while growing up and another twelve as an adult. The longest I’ve spent in any one neighborhood is the twelve years I’ve lived in Pierremont.

I just haven’t experienced the long haul in any one neighborhood. In other words, I’m no neighborhood expert.

On the other hand, I have experienced many different neighborhoods. I’ve lived in ten houses, six apartment complexes, three duplexes, two dorm rooms, one condo, and a trailer. I did the math and discovered I’ve lived in twenty-three different neighborhoods.