Mobilizing Neighbors After a Crisis

Last night, just as our family finished watching a movie, we heard a crash. It was so loud that my son dropped to the ground and covered his head; he believed that bullets were flying. Then we heard the wailing: the screams and cries of fear and pain.

My husband stayed with our son while I ran outside to assess the situation. As soon as I stepped out my door, my feet crunched on broken glass, pieces of plastic bumper, and car metal. People started flooding out of their homes to see what had happened. After a quick glance, we could tell that a police cruiser and another vehicle had had a fierce accident. We soon learned that the cruiser had been driving fifty miles per hour down the residential street, with lights on but no siren. It blew through a stop sign causing another car to T-bone them, and then it hit a tree and multiple other parked cars in the process.