DIY Parades and Expressions of Love

By now most of us have read about or seen in person or even participated in one of these Do-It-Yourself Parades that were standard fare during the early days of social distancing. The very first parade I was invited to be a part of was to celebrate Emmett’s thirteenth birthday.

Emmett is friends with my youngest son and lives just a block away so we were invited, along with a whole slew of people, to line up in the nearby elementary school’s parking lot. At the appointed time we would all drive past Emmett’s, waving our signs and honking and yelling well-wishes.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect as we queued up (this was one of the very first DIY parades in our neighborhood) but I was most definitely surprised by what did happen.

I’m sure you can picture most of it: lots of cars and vans and trucks lined up. Lots of kids yelling from car to car. Some banners and balloons and signs. Once the parade got underway there was a cacophony of horns and benign