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Where everyone's a gift with gifts to share.


The Hopeful Neighborhood Process

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Discover the Gifts

Your first step towards a more

hopeful neighborhood is to

discover the many gifts all

around you.


Our personal and community

Gift Inventories will help you and your neighbors uncover your neighborhood’s

many gifts.

Imagine the Possibilities

Next, imagine how the gifts in your neighborhood could be used for positive change.


Our Well-being Window and brainstorming activities will help you and your neighbors explore exciting possibilities.

Pursue the Common Good

Your final step is to craft a plan to collectively pursue the common good in your neighborhood.

Our easy to use planning tools and supportive Hopeful Neighborhood Network will help you and your neighbors lay out a real, hopeful path forward.

This is the rule of the most perfect Christianity, its most exact definition,

its highest point, namely, the seeking of the common good…

for nothing can so make a person an imitator of Christ as caring for his neighbors.”

- John Chrysostom

Resources to Help You


Our latest research in partnership with Barna revealing the ways in which Christians are becoming a welcome influence in their neighborhoods.

The Hopeful Neighborhood

Don Everts, exploring the latest research from Barna, shares inspiring stories of what happens when Christians live into their Biblical calling to pursue the common good.

The Hopeful Neighborhood

Field Guide

Six lessons that prepare you and your neighbors to pursue the common good right where you live.


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