National Good Neighbor Day

""Good exercise for the heart; reach out and help your neighbor.""

– Mark Twain


National Good Neighbor Day is September 28th!
Check back for updated plans for our 2022 celebration. 

hnp-good neighbor day-infographic.jpg

We believe that everyone is a gift with gifts to share and, when you work together with your neighbors, the possibilities for making a difference in your neighborhood are endless.


This year for National Good Neighbor Day, we want to challenge you to show an act of neighborly love and kindness. Maybe it’s decorating the streets with positive messages in sidewalk chalk, or simply meeting a neighbor for coffee. You can volunteer in your neighborhood community garden, share produce from your own garden, or even buy something made locally to support community businesses!

Be sure to share your acts of kindness on social media and tag @hopefulneighborhood with the hashtags: #ilovemyneighborhood #goodneighborday

For a free gift, click here and tell us more about how you celebrated National Good Neighbor Day in your community. 

We've made it easy to spread the word in your neighborhood!  Download the files and graphics below to share National Good Neighbor Day in your community.