The Hopeful Neighborhood Project is a collaborative network committed to improving neighborhood well-being around the world. Our resources and online network equip and encourage neighbors to work together, using their gifts and the gifts of their community, to pursue the common good of their neighborhood.

In an increasingly polarized age where an ‘us vs. them’ mentality can convince us that those unlike ourselves are of less worth, this project is anchored in the belief that every human being is knit together by the same God and, as such, has value – a gift from God with gifts to share.

- Tony Cook, Executive Director, The Hopeful Neighborhood Project

Meet the Team!

Meet The Team

Rev. Dr. Tony Cook

Rev. Dr. Tony Cook is the executive director of The Hopeful Neighborhood Project. His experience as a curriculum designer, game developer, pastor, seminary professor, and leader of global ministries mixes well with a passion for community and sharing the gospel across different cultures and philosophies.

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